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Attention to detail is critical to the representation of an individual injured by the negligence of another. This is because the burden is on the person injured to prove the evidence of the negligent acts of the other. We help gather the detailed information to prove your claim.

A claim of negligence consists of four elements: the defendant owed a duty to the injured party; that the defendant breached the duty; that as a direct and proximate cause of the breach of duty, the injury occurred; and that the injured party suffered damages.

A person injured in an accident that wasn’t his/her fault is entitled to recover for medical expenses, loss of wages, disability, if any, and for pain and suffering. We can help you regain lost assets due to the acts of negligence. Because these cases occasionally take time to resolve, we establish long-term relationships with you as you move towards physical and emotional recovery. We are committed to insuring adequate compensation for your loss.

To adequately compensate our clients, we must have knowledge of insurance law and how policies cover for loss. Furthermore, a knowledge of insurance settlements is critical since many of these cases settle out of court. Nevertheless, attention to detail is important early on in the investigation and representation of an injured individual because if negotiation does not work, then the final arbiter of a claim is a judge or jury.  


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